Accepted Papers and Posters
Submission Instructions for Final Versions of Paper and Posters

Final submissions are due August 15. Papers for which properly formatted camera ready copies and copyright releases have not been received by August 15, 2003 or for which the presenting author is not registered by the same date cannot be included in the proceedings. If you have any questions or concerns about formatting, please address them with Michael Droettboom *before* August 15.

Copyright Permission and Release form
The copyright permission and release form is now available. It must be faxed or mailed to the following address by August 15, 2003.

The web-based system for submitting the final version of papers and posters for ISMIR 2003 is now available. Once your paper is completed and in PDF format, go here and login using the id and password sent to you. If you have forgotten your password, please e-mail Michael Droettboom.

You can verify that your paper has been uploaded by clicking on its title in the listing at the top of the page.

Formatting Instructions

For each poster, the space allocation is 6 feet wide by 4 feet high.

All papers must be submitted in the style provided below. Please ensure that there are no page numbers on your submission. Full papers are allocated 8 pages, and posters are allocated 2 pages.

All citations should include the author(s) name(s) and date. For example, (Dowie, Cheatum and Howe 1998), not numbers, e.g. [1]. All references should follow the American Psychological Association style guidelines. See the formatting templates for more information.

Papers must be submitted in PDF format.

Not sure how to create a PDF? Recent versions of Microsoft Word can create PDF directly from the Print dialog box. If you're using LaTeX, you can use pdflatex to directly generate a PDF file. Alternatively, you can purchase Adobe Acrobat, or use Adobe's Online PDF convertor (first 5 documents are free). There is also a very effective open source solution for Microsoft Windows, PDFCreator.


This style file is designed for use with LaTeX 2e and may not work with earlier versions of LaTeX.

For instructions on its usage, please see the example LaTeX source file. These files are also archived in a single tarball. Please use pdflatex to produce a PDF file.

If you are using dvips, please ensure that the page size is set to US Letter (8.5" x 11") using the following command line arguments:

Users of BiBTeX: Simon Dixon has provided some minor modifications to the apalike style that make it match the ISMIR style:

  1. Put the modified apalike style (myapalike.sty) in a place where LaTeX will find it (eg. the current working directory).
  2. Put your BiBTeX database (.bib file) in a place where LaTeX will find it.
  3. Start your document with:
  4. And end it with:
This package works well in conjuction with the natbib package, which provides textual (\citet) and parenthetical (\citep) citation styles (required by the ISMIR style).

Microsoft Word and

Please select the appropriate version of the Word template:

For convenience, the templates include predefined styles for headings and other formatting. Please use them to ensure proper formatting.

Please be certain that you are producing your PDF files for US Letter page size. Often, even if your MS Word document is setup for US Letter, Acrobat Distiller still needs to be explicitly set to US Letter.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

If you do not use LaTeX, Microsoft Word or, please print out the PDF file and make your preferred tool conform to the specifications.

If you have any questions about document formatting, (not content), please contact Michael Droettboom (