Instructions for Authors

Accepted Papers

Berenzweig, A., Logan, B., Ellis, D. P. W., and Whitman, B.
A large-scale evaluation of acoustic and subjective music similarity measures.

Dannenberg, R., Birmingham, W., Tzanetakis, G., Meek, C., Hu, N., and Pardo, B.
The MUSART testbed for query-by-humming evaluation.

Dixon, S., Pampalk, E., and Widmer, G.
Generation of rhythm descriptors for classification of dance music.

Downie, J. S.
Toward the scientific evaluation of music information retrieval systems

Eggink, J., and Brown, G. J.
Application of missing feature theory to the recognition of musical instruments in polyphonic audio.

Gillet, O., and Richard, G.
Automatic labelling of Tabla signals.

Lartillot, O.
Discovering pertinent pattern through perceptual heuristics: Why and how.

Lesaffre, M., Tanghe, K., Martens, G., Moelants, D., and Leman, M.
The MAMI query-by-voice experiment: Collecting and annotating vocal queries for music information retrieval.

Liu, D., Lu, L., and Zhang, H.J.
Automatic mood detection from acoustic music data.

McKinney, M., and Breebaart, J.
Features for audio and music classification.

Meek, C., and Birmingham, W.
The dangers of parsimony in query-by-humming applications.

Pampalk, E., Dixon, S., and Widmer, G.
Exploring music collections by browsing different views.

Raphael, C., and Stoddard, J.
Harmonic analysis with probabilistic graphical models.

Sheh, A., and Ellis, D. P. W.
Chord segmentation and recognition using EM-trained hidden Markov models.

Shifrin, J., and Birmingham, W.
Effectiveness of HMM-based retrieval on large databases.

Soulez, F., Rodet, X., and Schwarz, D.
Improving polyphonic and poly-instrumental music to score alignment.

Pauws, S.
How good do you sing and know a song when you sing a song?

Tsai, W.H., Wang, H.M., Rodgers, D., Cheng, S.S., Yu, H.M.
Blind clustering of popular music recordings based on singer voice characteristics.

Turetsky, R., and Ellis, D. P. W.
Force-aligning MIDI synthesis for polyphonic music transcription generation.

Typke, R., Giannopoulos, P., Veltkamp, R. C., Wiering, F., and van Oostrum, R.
Using transportation distances for measuring melodic similarity.

Tzanetakis, G., Gao, J., and Steenkiste, P.
A scalable peer-to-peer system for music content and information retrieval.

Uitdenbogerd, A., and Yap, Y.W.
Was Parsons right? An experiment in usability of music representations for melody-based music retrieval.

Ukkonen, E., Lemstrom, K., and Makinen, V.
Geometric algorithms for transposition invariant CBMR.

Accepted Posters

Allamanche, E., Herre, J., Hellmuth, O., Kastner, T., and Ertel, C.
A multiple feature model for musical similarity retrieval.

Arifi, V., Clausen, M., Kurth, F., and Muller, M.
Automatic synchronization of music data in score-, MIDI- and PCM-format.

Chew, E., and Chen, Y.C.
Determining context-defining windows: Pitch spelling using the spiral array.

Cunningham, S. J., Bainbridge, D., and Downie, J. S.
Analysis of queries to a Wizard-of-Oz MIR system: Challenging assumptions about what people really want.

Davison, S., Schwartz, S., Fornadley, C., Brancolini, K., and Requardt, C.
A specialized Open Archives Initiative harvester for sheet music: Project report and examination of issues.

Doraisamy, S.
Adjacent and concurrent N-grams for high-precision polyphonic retreival.

Goto, M.
Music scene description project: Toward audio-based real-time music understanding.

Goto, M., Hashiguchi, H., Nishimura, T., and Oka, R.
RWC Music Database: Music genre database and musical instrument sound database.

Harford, S.
Automatic segmentation, learning and retrieval of melodies using a self-organizing neural network.

Heo, S., Suzuki, M., Ito, A., and Makino, S.
Three-dimensional continuous DP algorithm for multiple pitch candidates in a music information retrieval system.

Kim, Y.
Singer identification using a parametric analysis/synthesis framework.

Lemstrom, K., Makinen, V., Pienimaki, A., Turkia, M., and Ukkonen, E.
The C-BRAHMS project.

Li, T., and Mitsunori, O.
Detecting emotion in music.

Lin, C.R., Liu, N.H., Wu, Y.H., and Chen, A. L. P.
Music classification using significant repeating patterns.

Liu, N.H., Wu, Y.H., and Chen, A. L. P.
Efficient k-NN search in polyphonic music databases using a lower bounding mechanism.

Livshin, A., and Rodet, X.
The importance of cross database evaluation in musical instrument sound classification: A critical approach.

Maddage, N., Xu, C., and Wang, Y.
An SVM-based classification approach to musical audio.

De Mulder, T., Martens, J.P., Lesaffre, M., Leman, M., and De Baets, B.
An auditory model based transriber of vocal queries.

Olson, T., and Downie, J. S.
Chopin early editions: The construction and usage of a collection of digital scores.

Orio, N., and Sisti Sette, M.
An HMM-based pitch tracker for audio queries.

Parry, M., and Essa, I.
Rhythmic similarity through elaboration.

Pickens, J.
Key-specific shrinkage techniques for harmonic models.

Ricard, J., and Herrera, P.
Using morphological description for generic sound retrieval.

Roland, P.
Design patterns in XML music representation.

Schwartz, B.
Transforming XML into music notation.

Seifert, F., and Benn, W.
Music identification by leadsheets: Converging perceptive and productive musical principles for estimation of semantic similarity of musical documents.

Takeda, H., Nishimoto, T., and Sagayama, S.
Automatic music transcription from multiphonic MIDI signals.

Temperley, D., and Sleator, D.
Practical applications of the Melisma system.

Wang, A., and House, C.
An industrial-strength audio search algorithm.

Wood, G., and O'Keefe, S.
Quantitative comparisons into content-based music recognition with the self organising map.