Music Information Retrieval in Devices: Opportunities & Challenges:

Music Information Retrieval in Devices: Opportunities & Challenges is a panel session devoted to enabling and sharing the benefits of music information retrieval technology with the general public. This enabling will involve unique challenges especially with regard to the technologies currently being developed and deployed. This panel highlights the key challenges along with the opportunities they create.

Intellectual Property and Music Information Retrieval Systems:
Music Information Retrieval Systems (“MIRS”) and the music information contained within such systems are covered by a variety of intellectual property laws within the United States and abroad. Use of digital technology in relation to music information has made the application of U.S. intellectual property laws to MIRS ever more complex. This panel will survey the legal landscape supplied by U.S. law with an eye toward providing practical pointers about (1) what rights are granted to owners of music information, (2) when and how designers or operators of MIRS need to obtain permission to use music information owned by others, including a discussion of fair use, (3) what rights and liabilities apply to designers of MIRS, and (4) potential database legislation that could further complicate the relevant legal issues.

Making Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Scenarios a Reality:
The Panel on Making Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Scenarios a Reality is being convened to bring together experts in fields of supercomputing, music audio, music notation and music metadata. Work has begun on creating a multi-modal testbed system for the evaluation of music information retrieval (MIR) and music digital library (MDL) systems at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The domain experts being brought together in this panel will offer thoughts, suggestions and guidance on the necessary components of the testbed. Feedback from audience members will also be included in the design decisions being made by the testbeds creators.